Privacy Policy

Please read our privacy policy to have an idea of, the measures we take to protect and use the data of our customers. Our site has taken safety measures. If our customers send any information through our website, it is guaranteed to be protected. All information on our website is encrypted in a secure manner. You can see the lock icon in the address bar "https" at the beginning of the web page address. We accept and process only the electronic addresses of our customers, due to the subscription to the newsletter, notifying you of news on our website. We do not accept any other personal information of the client.

All information in the form of electronic addresses for our customers is guaranteed to be used only by us and only for the purpose of informing our customers in connection with the newsletter to which they subscribed. Our privacy policy guarantees to any of your customers the complete confidentiality of all data transmitted to us by our customers. Any data provided to us by our customers is exclusively confidential and will not be transferred to third parties. You can request the removal of personal information about the client by contacting us by email.

By providing us with a personal electronic address, you agree that we may send you an email message about new products. Our customers can at any time request a unsubscribe from our site newsletter by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link at the very bottom of the newsletter. As soon as such an application has arrived, we guarantee the removal of the customer's email address from our database. We can guarantee, for our part, that we will not send you messages of an advertising kind of anything or in any way.

The only form of our newsletter will be to inform customers about the news of our site. Our site has links to third party resources, since we cannot be responsible for the privacy policy of these resources, there are no guarantees about their use, but we can notify that long-term cooperation with these resources has always ensured our security. We will be happy to answer these questions from our customers at these email addresses.