Commercial license purchase contains WAV file 16bit/44KHz and MP3 320kbps.
Also a license file that defines your buyer's rights. This document gives you the right to use this music in commercial projects.
Now about what you can do by buying a commercial license.
You can use music in any projects that bring commercial profit.
It can be Feature films, Animations, Commercials, Radio, Software, Application, Digital Media, Audio Podcasts, AudioBooks, Television programs, Slideshow, Cross Platform Game, Online and Video Course and etc.
Also use music inside commercial establishments such as, Shop, Bar, Restaurant, Cafe, Gym, Cinema Halls and Theaters, Shopping centers, Playgrounds, Festivals, Fairs, Exhibitions and various events.
You can also edit music for the needs of your project, shortening or lengthening it in time.
Create your own remixes and arrangements for the project, as a separate piece of music.

Now about what you cannot do!
You cannot sell this music separately as your own.
Can not provide access to its download anywhere to other persons for sale or purchase this music.
You cannot declare yourself the copyright holder of this music and resell it to others. You cannot write or orally claim this music. You cannot claim ownership of this music.
Do not give or transfer it for use to third parties. You cannot mix or modify the sound characteristics of this music in any way.
For example, add special musical effects that distort the musical composition.
You also can not change the arrangement or add any musical sound instruments to this music.